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Leo Fender
Leo FenderLeo Fender

Leo Fender

American businessman

Dead at 81 years
He is born 114 years, 11 months and 11 days ago
Death date

He is dead since 33 years and 4 months

Cause of death: Parkinson disease

Anaheim, United States
Nationality: american États-Unis
Birth sign: Leo
Chinese birth sign: Rooster
Born the same day: 08/10/1909
Mohammed V

Clarence Leonidas Fender (August 10, 1909 – March 21, 1991) was an American inventor and founder of the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

Fender designed the company's iconic early instruments: the Fender Telecaster, the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar; the Fender Stratocaster, among the most iconic electric guitars; and the Fender Precision Bass, which set the standard for electric basses. He also designed the Fender Bassman amplifier, which became the archetype for later amplifiers (notably by Marshall and Mesa Boogie) that dominated rock and roll music.

Fender, who was not a guitarist himself, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992.

Source : Wikipedia