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 Chrétien de Troyes

Chrétien de Troyes


Dead about 50 years
Death date

He is dead since about 842 years
Troyes, France
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Chrétien de Troyes (Modern French: [kʁetjɛ̃ d(ə) tʁwa]; Old French: Crestien de Troies [kresˈtjẽn də ˈtrojəs]; (fl. c. 1160–1191) was a French poet and trouvère known for his writing on Arthurian subjects, and for first writing of Lancelot, Percival and the Holy Grail. Chrétien's works, including Erec and Enide, Lancelot, Perceval and Yvain, represent some of the best-regarded of medieval literature. His use of structure, particularly in Yvain, has been seen as a step towards the modern novel.

Source : Wikipedia